Rotational composters

Technical specifications:

  • Double piston flow inside.
  • Internal mixer for homogeneous composting mass.
  • Guaranteed aeration of the composting mass.
  • Internal shredding for clean & safe loading. The separation failures do not affect the machine integrity.
  • Internal discharge system for easy & quick unloading.
  • Guaranteed full unload of the composting mass if emptying of the composter is required. This must occur without the need of disassembling the composter.
  • Double aeration system for optimal control of oxygen and humidity.
  • Double temperature control system (contact probes and remote no-touch probes) for increased accuracy of the readings.
  • Multiple testing points with each control system.
  • Water spray system to guarantee correct humidity conditions in the composting mass.
  • Traps for immediate access to all key points in the machine for easy maintenance: electrical terminal boxes, motors, greasing points, ventilation protecting grills etc.
  • Control probes accessible from the exterior of the machine for easy calibration and cleaning.
  • Maturation chamber for clean, controlled maturation of the fresh compost. Direct compost load from the composter.
  • Insulated, with double aeration system independent from the composter’s aeration systems, with independent water spray system.
  • Guaranteed no spill construction with collection for condensed water from the exhaust piping.
  • Manual or automatic operation of all mechanical elements from the control panel.
  • Visualisation of programs and parameters on the microprocessor display.


Ancillary equipment:

(if required)

  • Loading systems for bigger sizes.
  • Biofiltres.
  • Compost handling units including packing plants.
  • Plants control systems for coordinated operation in case of several Composters working together and ancillary equipment serving all of them.
  • PC’s applications for on site and remote control.
  • Telesystems for 24/24 hours preventive maintenance.

Models available: